Understanding, the benefits and types of insurance - Insurance is very much in needof people to guarantee Insurance, what is it? What are its benefits? What are the Types? refer just understanding, benefits and insurance type.

Understanding, Benefits And Insurance Type

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Understanding, the benefits and types of AsuransiMenurut law No. 2 of 1992 article 1:
"Insurance or coverage is an agreement between two or more parties, with which the Insurer committing yourself to the insured, by accepting the insurance premiums, to provide reimbursement to the insured because of the loss, damage or lost profits expected, or legal liability to third parties which may be suffered by the insured arising out of an event that is not definitely, or to provide a payment based upon his life someone who died or dipertanggungkan". In fact, insurance is an agreement between an insurance client (insured) with an insurance company (insurer) concerning the transfer of risk from the customer to the insurance company.

Risk is transferred include: possible loss of material which can be assessed with the money that the customer, as a result of the occurrence of an event which may/not yet bound to happen (Uncertainty of Occurrence & Uncertainty of Loss). For example:
  1. Risk of burning buildings and/or property in it as a result of human negligence, lightning strikes, the current short.
  2. The risk of damage to car because of traffic accidents, loss due to theft.
  3. Death or personal injury due to accidents, illness.
  4. Flooding, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, Tsunamis

2. INSURANCE BENEFITS Understanding, the benefits and types of insurance AsuransiSetiap definitely useful, which in general benefits are:
to provide a guarantee of protection from the risks-the risk of losses suffered one party.
increase efficiency, since it does not need to specifically hold security and surveillance to provide protection that takes a lot of effort, time and cost.
Transfer of risk; By paying a relatively small premiums, a person or company can move the uncertainty over his life and possessions (risk) to insurance companies.
Equitable distribution of costs, that is quite simply by issuing a certain amount and fees do not need to replace/pay their own losses arising out of which there is not necessarily and not definitive.
The basis for the bank to provide credit because the bank requires guarantees of the protection of the collateral given by the borrower money.
As a savings, because the amount paid to the insurance will be returned in larger quantities. This specifically applies to life insurance.
Close the Loss of Earning Power of a person or business entity


Understanding, benefits and insurance AsuransiJenis Types can be outlined as follows:
1. Fire insurance
Fire insurance is insurance that charged loss due to fires that occur on the Mainland. If a building has been insured against catastrophic fires, then listed in the agreement.

2. Transport Insurance
Transport insurance is insurance against risks likely charged haulage.
Transport insurance can be divided into:
a. Insurance transportation by land-River
b. ocean freight Insurance
c. air transport Insurance.
3. Life insurance

Agreement between the parties, in which listed parties which promised to pay thepremium and the other party promises to pay an amount of money that you havedetermined if the person insured dies or no later than at the time specified. Life insurance is an agreement between the insurance companies with consumers who stated that the insurance company will provide the compensation amount if the consumer dies, or covered up time. The existence of this insurance, then abandoned the family feel safe in terms of finance, although this is not diharap-harap.
The market share of life insurance in our country is very potential. In 2001 there were already 10.71% of the population who become life insurance consumers, as expressed by AAJI = life insurance Association of Indonesia.
Life insurance consists of two types namely:
a. the insurance capital, on this insurance has been listed in the policy that when it comes time (time runs out/insurance) then the indemnity will be paid all at once.
b. Insurance a living life, here damages paid out periodically during the dipertanggungkan still alive.

4. Credit Insurance
Risk-the possibility of granting credit charged to others. In this insurance only indemnify extended 75% of losses. Our country has never been LJKK (Cooperative Credit Guarantee Institutions) which gives a guarantee to the Bank, against lending cooperatives.

5. Theft Insurance
Included in this theft insurance should be mentioned one by one the goods insured it. If there is a risk, then the goods will be replaced.

6. Insurance companies
Insured losses this concerns companies that harmed by a cause that can stop/inhibit the activity of the company. Replace the disadvantage is usually based on the gross profit of the company's activity has been stopped because of spite.

7. Car insurance
Dipertanggungkan risk in the insurance of motor vehicles: vehicle loss or damagecaused by collision, collision, reversed, slipping in the way, so anything, because the evil deeds of others, theft, fire, lightning, also includes losses due to uru hara, and total lost from the vehicle.

8. Insurance against liability due to inform
Made to keep insurance just in case we do mistakes that can harm a person or property of a person.
9. Labor Insurance (Astek)
Labor insurance namely insurance undertakings set up by the Government to bearthe risk that befell labour inside/factory. With this insurance services entrepreneursand the public generally can reduce/relieve the catastrophe. Besides the expectedeconomic protection insurance, financially by providing facilities that can help the interests of the people.

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